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Located in Austin's Airport Corridor, Tyson's Tacos is a friendly neighborhood taco joint from the esteemed Taquero Tyson Blankemeyer.


Tyson and Cherry Blankemeyer were happy with their restaurant in Monterrey Mexico. They had three kids, a house in the mountains with a little stream and 74 pecan trees.  Then one day the Zetas came and killed the mayor with machetes and all the police quit and the military occupied the city. So they sold their house and their successful restaurant (Cafe XBox) and took out the map.

After ruling out Tokyo and Vancouver and all states without sunshine and places that were too cold or had a state income tax or were too far from Monterrey (where Cherry's parent and family are from), they decided to move to Austin, and after running a restaurant there for, like 1000 years, they felt they had something to contribute.  

So Tyson did some research about tacos and Austin and learned about how the taco was actually invented in Austin! Who would of thought? Now, instead of bringing authentic Mexican tacos to Austin, they came to Austin to learn. That's why, at Tyson's, all the tacos are Austin originals and why they call Tyson's, "Authentically Austin".


4905 Airport Blvd,

Austin, TX, 78751


Now open 24/7


+1 (512) 451-3326



TysonS Tacos

4905 Airport Blvd. 

Austin, Tx 78751

Phone:  +1 (512) 451-3326

Email: Tysonstacos@gmail.com


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- Tyson